Childline Volunteer Information Meeting

Childline Volunteer Information Meeting


Childline is a vital service available 365 days a year to support children and young people, whatever their worry or concern. Childline Aberdeen currently have vacancies for Volunteer Counsellors.


If you are interested in volunteering for Childline in Aberdeen and want to find out more about the roles available, the next step is to attend a Volunteer Information Meeting, which is a fantastic opportunity to:


  • Visit your local Childline base in Aberdeen
  • Meet with staff as well as volunteers to ask any questions you may have
  • Learn more about the application process and your volunteer journey


Our meetings are designed to help you decide whether you want to apply – there's no obligation or expectation that you'll apply if you attend one. At the meeting, you’ll also receive information on other ways you can become a supporter of the NSPCC.

PLEASE NOTE  - Due to the Coronoavirus (COVID-19) we will no longer be holding face to face information meetings but have set up virtual online sessions for you to attend! To book a place at one of our online Volunteer Information Meetings, please click one of the following links and register your interest:


Friday 23 Oct 14:00 - 15:00 https://meetandengage.com/akg0v5iu5 

Friday 30 Oct 11:00 - 12:00  https://meetandengage.com/akg0v5ruu 


Please note - the Meet and Engage platform will not support the following versions of internet explorer; 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. To access the platform you will need to use the latest version of explorer, or another browser i.e. Chrome or Microsoft edge. 



If you have any queries about volunteering in Childline Aberdeen please contact  kerri.stewart@nspcc.org.uk . 


If you are experiencing any issues, please contact volunteerrecruitment@nspcc.org.uk 



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Ruby House - Aberdeen
Ruby House - 3rd Floor, 8 Ruby Lane, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, United Kingdom, AB10 1QZ
  • Vacancy Reference:
  • Location:
    Ruby House - Aberdeen
  • Department:
    Childline Helpline
  • Vacancy Type:
  • Closing Date:
    30 November 2020


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  • We’re giving a means, and an understanding for any child who is suffering abuse to find a way out of it.

    Harry – Schools Service

  • It feels rewarding – being able to spend a few hours being there for someone else. You don’t fully appreciate how powerful it is until you’re actually doing it. You just need to be willing to listen, and interested in helping young people. That’s it.

    Omar - Childline

  • You’ll get so much out of it. It’s so rewarding. If you love working with kids then go for it.

    Tino – Schools Service

  • It’s not only making a difference to their life, it’s making a difference to my life. We’re helping young people feel empowered. We’re giving them a space where they can open up without being judged.

    Atiyah – Childline

  • It’s been great to meet other volunteers with the same goal. It’s lovely knowing that I can help them understand how to stay safe.

    Maxine - Schools Service

  • I always leave feeling like I’ve made a difference. There’s always a queue of young people wanting to talk to a counsellor. That’s why it’s so important to have more people involved.

    Atiyah – Childline

  • The best thing is that I’m empowering children

    Pankaj – Schools Service

  • I felt it was right to give something back (to help young people). I feel a sense of fulfilment – I feel like I’m actually making a difference to children’s lives.

    David - Childline

  • We’re sharing really vital messages with children. I feel like I’m making a big difference. The children we speak to are actually safer for it. And that’s an amazing feeling.

    Ramon – Schools Service

  • The team is so inclusive and welcoming and the training was very interactive. It got me in the frame of mind of what it would be like being on shift, answering calls, counselling young people.

    Omar - Childline

  • There’s training involved. It’s in-depth – covering really important things like empathy and reflecting and how to support young people in the best possible way. The main part is being there for someone, showing that you care, believing them, trusting them and listening.

    Atiyah – Childline

  • You get all the advice and guidance you need in training and there will always be support for you.

    Susan – Childline

  • I get a sense of fulfilment for doing something outside of my day job.

    Emma - Schools Service

  • I wouldn’t have been volunteering for two years if I didn’t get so much fulfilment and purpose from it.

    Caitlin – Childline

  • It fits in with my free time perfectly.

    Tessa – Schools Service

  • What makes a good Childline volunteer? Listening, empathising, never judging. When a child’s built up the courage to reach out, there’s got to be someone ready to listen.

    Jatinder – Childline