Social Media Champion

Role title: Social Media Champion  

Location: North East 

Time commitment: Flexible – ‘On the go’ volunteering


What we’re looking for

We’re looking for enthusiastic, creative and knowledgeable people to be a part of a local Community Fundraising team as a Social Media Champion! 90 per cent of our income comes from our events, collections and supporter fundraising, so we’re always looking at ways of getting people involved and championing our cause to make a difference and our social media champions play an important part in sharing our story and helping to make a change.


What you’ll do

You’ll be a valued part of your local community fundraising team as an online Social Media Champion for the NSPCC! You will help us by liking and sharing content across a range of social media and online platforms. This could be; tweeting, sharing a Facebook page or posting one of our campaigns on Instagram.  You’ll support your local community to promote and champion the NSPCC on both a national and local level! We appreciate that work, family and friends come first and, with that in mind, this role offers flexibility to fit in with your lifestyle. The online world of social media never stops so you can be volunteering when it suits you!


What youll get

We’ll support you with advice, skills and tools to help you to champion, share and support the word of the NSPCC. You’ll learn more about how you’re helping to protect children in your local area and across the UK and your local community fundraising team will provide you with ongoing support. You’ll have the opportunity to grow your own skills in social media and engagement! It’s a great way to develop your skills and enhance your CV – with references provided by the NPSCC.  


Who’s right for the role?

While we think this role is suitable for a whole range of people from all walks of life, we are particularly looking for people with the following experience and knowledge;


  • passion and enthusiasm for our cause
  • awareness of social media trends and networks
  • social media skills


We’re also looking for champions who speak more than one language, so we can make sure all the community hears and understands our messages and we can reach every child. 


We are currently unable to accept applications from under 18's to this role, please view our other volunteering opportunities or get in touch with the Volunteer Recruitment team on volunteerrecruitment@nspcc.org.uk  


Interested in getting involved? Volunteer today and join our fight for every childhood.

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Home Based - North East Region
Home Based, Durham, United Kingdom
  • Vacancy Reference:
  • Location:
    Home Based - North East Region
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  • Closing Date:
    31 December 2020

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  • We’re giving a means, and an understanding for any child who is suffering abuse to find a way out of it.

    Harry – Schools Service

  • It feels rewarding – being able to spend a few hours being there for someone else. You don’t fully appreciate how powerful it is until you’re actually doing it. You just need to be willing to listen, and interested in helping young people. That’s it.

    Omar - Childline

  • You’ll get so much out of it. It’s so rewarding. If you love working with kids then go for it.

    Tino – Schools Service

  • It’s not only making a difference to their life, it’s making a difference to my life. We’re helping young people feel empowered. We’re giving them a space where they can open up without being judged.

    Atiyah – Childline

  • It’s been great to meet other volunteers with the same goal. It’s lovely knowing that I can help them understand how to stay safe.

    Maxine - Schools Service

  • I always leave feeling like I’ve made a difference. There’s always a queue of young people wanting to talk to a counsellor. That’s why it’s so important to have more people involved.

    Atiyah – Childline

  • The best thing is that I’m empowering children

    Pankaj – Schools Service

  • I felt it was right to give something back (to help young people). I feel a sense of fulfilment – I feel like I’m actually making a difference to children’s lives.

    David - Childline

  • We’re sharing really vital messages with children. I feel like I’m making a big difference. The children we speak to are actually safer for it. And that’s an amazing feeling.

    Ramon – Schools Service

  • The team is so inclusive and welcoming and the training was very interactive. It got me in the frame of mind of what it would be like being on shift, answering calls, counselling young people.

    Omar - Childline

  • There’s training involved. It’s in-depth – covering really important things like empathy and reflecting and how to support young people in the best possible way. The main part is being there for someone, showing that you care, believing them, trusting them and listening.

    Atiyah – Childline

  • You get all the advice and guidance you need in training and there will always be support for you.

    Susan – Childline

  • I get a sense of fulfilment for doing something outside of my day job.

    Emma - Schools Service

  • I wouldn’t have been volunteering for two years if I didn’t get so much fulfilment and purpose from it.

    Caitlin – Childline

  • It fits in with my free time perfectly.

    Tessa – Schools Service

  • What makes a good Childline volunteer? Listening, empathising, never judging. When a child’s built up the courage to reach out, there’s got to be someone ready to listen.

    Jatinder – Childline