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  • It is the feedback that I receive from children and their carers that continues to drive me in providing the best service I can deliver. There is a sense of the ‘NSPCC family’ and that we are all working together for the fight for every childhood.

    Stephanie - Children’s Services

  • I believe that working with the NSPCC has given me the opportunities to stretch my professional knowledge and skills

    Sabrina - Children’s Services

  • I love the constant learning, I feel privileged to work here.

    Kathleen – Children’s Services

  • After eleven years in post I am still enormously proud to work for the NSPCC. I love working as part of a team who all share the same vision and goal and believe that every childhood is worth fighting for.

    Sally - Children’s Services

  • I like that the NSPCC is multi-faceted, for example ChildLine, direct project work, and big campaigns. I think all these layers make it what it is, and I am proud to work for an organisation which I believe in.

    Sara – Children’s Services

  • The most interesting reason for working with the NSPCC is that the NSPCC highly embraces, encourages and promotes diversity and inclusiveness of staff.

    Walters - Children’s Services

  • Every day is different which makes every day interesting.

    Zoe - Children’s Services

  • I would say, if you want to work somewhere where you go home every day with your head held high, knowing that you have done your bit to keep children and young people safe then the NSPCC is right for you.

    Elaine - Corporate Services

  • My role continues to be very varied and continues to keep me motivated and very much interested. I love my job!

    Erica - Corporate Services

  • A fantastic place to work with lovely colleagues, great camaraderie and most of all, we are all here for the same reason.

    Su - National Services

  • I have worked here for 19 years in a variety of roles and always had encouragement to develop and grow as an individual.

    Haidee - National Services

  • I feel it is an organisation that praises hard work and passion and it is a charity that I am proud to work for.

    Maxine - National Services

  • The most interesting thing about working at the NSPCC is the variety of people I get to work with.

    Ally - National Services

  • There is a real sense of purpose, as well as variety and the opportunity to liaise with a wide range of staff, this makes the work both rewarding and challenging.

    Ben - National Services

  • Every day is different and the support I get from my immediate team and also, the wider NSPCC family in the, makes it a pleasure coming to work.

    Helen - National Services

  • If you want to go home at the end of the day feeling like you have made a difference and know that everyone else you are working with shares that vision, then come and join the NSPCC.

    Karin - National Services

  • The most interesting thing about working for the NSPCC is being in a position where I can see how we are progressing against targets and seeing what an impact the organisation is making.

    Kirsty - National Services

  • Having such approachable colleagues around you allows for consistent support, positive collaborative working and self-development.

    Amy - People Directorate

  • I don’t work directly with children and families but everyone who works here is really made to feel and understands how their role fits into our organisational mission to fight for every childhood.

    Kelly - People Directorate

  • I am continually learning new things and challenging my thinking on a range of issues related to child protection.

    Janaya - Strategy, Policy and Evidence

  • It is such a warm, friendly and supportive place to be; filled with people who are as passionate as keeping children safe from abuse as I am.

    Sophie - Strategy, Policy and Evidence

  • It’s one of the friendliest and most nurturing places I’ve worked and I’ve been given many opportunities to develop and learn.

    Laura - Strategy, Policy and Evidence

  • I think the work culture is great and it is so refreshing to see everyone in the organisation working towards a shared goal with such passion.

    Emily - Strategy, Policy and Evidence

  • For me, I am continuously learning. My role at the NSPCC gives me the opportunity to affect real change.

    Laura - Strategy, Policy and Evidence

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