Being part of NSPCC

Valuing and recognising our people

Being part of NSPCC

Valuing and recognising our people

We’re proud of our supportive and inclusive culture of trust and respect. One where each of our people can be their true selves, work in ways which suit their lifestyles and learn from expert colleagues all around them, every day.

We recognise that it’s only through our people that we can achieve our mission to be here for children and young people. We place great importance on colleagues and managers recognising and valuing the contributions of their team and colleagues.

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Recognising great work

Value Stars
We all know a colleague who helps someone out in busy times, lends a friendly ear when someone needs it, or has creatively managed that special project. To recognise and value these people, any employee can award a colleague a ‘Value Star’, based on our values.

Recognition Awards
We have amazing people doing amazing work every day. But sometimes an individual will do something or deliver a piece of work that truly stands out as being beyond expectations. We acknowledge these people with a small expression of gratitude – hopefully to be used to treat themselves or family to something they enjoy.

The NSPCC People Awards
Each year we hold our annual NSPCC People Awards to showcase best-practice examples of our values and behaviours in action. We offer a range of awards including:

  • The Esther Awards - recognising staff or volunteers who had a ‘lightbulb’ moment and made a difference to the lives of children and families we work with in the last year.
  • The Anita Green Childhood Champion Awards - recognising one employee and one volunteer who have made a big impact towards our mission to stop child abuse and neglect.
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Our ways of working

We trust our people to perform to the best of their ability and in the best interests of the NSPCC and the people it supports. We value people’s wellbeing and mental health, and ensure we are supporting these in the way we work.

Our policies and practices support flexibility in where, when, and how our people work, balancing individual circumstances against our service delivery, business need and any potential impact on others.

We’ll always be transparent with our information, sharing both the context for and the decisions themselves, so people can better understand the reasons for those decisions.

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Learning from each other

We actively encourage cross-team working and provide an environment where our people can share experiences and learn from each other. Our people learn and connect through internal education sessions such as:

  • our ‘espresso sessions’, which are webinars that explore different topics and allow staff to regularly learn from experts and each other;
  • sessions organised by our lived experience networks;
  • activities to raise awareness of events throughout the year, such as Mental Health Awareness Week, Black History Month, Pride Month and Disability History Month.

“I have been teaching British Sign Language to staff and some deaf awareness at lunch times every week. Staff have been really interested and positive about learning British Sign Language and it’s for everyone’s benefit, it’s really good.”

Chrissan, ADDAPT (Action 4 Deaf and Disabled People Together)

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