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My NSPCC story

As well as being part of Childline Manchester, I'm also part of the Connect Team, and this is a completely virtual team, which focuses on assessing the needs of young people who are more regular users of our service. This is a great opportunity for us to learn from each other because we're always coming across different working styles and different experiences as well. I've worked with other bases and I think it's such an interesting opportunity to gain such an insight. We're always learning from each other and that's such a great thing.

“Most of the people that I've been working with have educated me, have supported me, and that's especially important in the work that we do, and that's for everyone that I've come across, and I've been here a while.”

Initially I began with NSPCC as a Childline volunteer in 2019, in which I got 12 weeks induction training, which prepares you about the whole Childline model that we'll be using. From that, I became a staff counselor, and within that you really got to learn more about the young people that you were supporting, and you learned a lot more skills. I think the NSPCC is an organisation that really cares about the needs of its employees.

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Grace Child

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