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My NSPCC story

I began my career as a primary school teacher, but after feeling the job demands were affecting my work-life balance, I transitioned to the NSPCC in the school service. As part of my role, I worked with volunteers and worked to deliver the Speak Out Stay Safe program in schools and got involved in different projects aimed at promoting child protection. Through my work, I’ve been able to make a significant impact on children's lives, protecting them from harm and empowering them to speak out against abuse.

“I think the NSPCC is so special because everybody who works here has the same focus on getting the best outcomes for children and working together to help keep children safe.”

One of the things that has made my experience at the NSPCC so positive has been the culture within the local campaigns team. Despite being a small team, we have a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences. We have team members who come from teaching, youth work, domestic abuse, and anti-poverty backgrounds, to name just a few. This diversity has been hugely beneficial, as we are able to learn from each other's experiences and draw on each other's expertise to develop better campaigns.

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Rachel Wallace

Local Campaigns Manager

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