About Us

Our mission

About Us

Our mission

Together, we can stop child abuse and neglect. Through the collective power of our people, supporters and partners, and our 100 years of experience, we’ll move closer to achieving that goal.

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Our mission

Everything we do protects children today and prevents abuse tomorrow, to transform society for every childhood.

Over the next ten years we’ll focus on three impact goals we believe will make the biggest difference to children’s lives.

Our impact goals

Each of these impact goals contribute something different. On their own they will see us making significant and necessary changes for children. Collectively, they will build on each other and have a huge impact on children’s lives.

  • Everyone plays their part to prevent child abuse
    We’ll work together to make it easier for everyone to play their part and create a social safety net that prevents child abuse and neglect.
  • Every child is safe online.
    Together, we’ll transform the online world, so it’s safe for every child to go online.
  • Children feel safe, listened to and supported.
    More children will be able to speak out, so they feel safe, listened to and understood — and abuse doesn’t shape their future.
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Our future

Our impact goals show the ways we want to impact children up to 2031, which is when we’ll re-look at our strategy and ensure it continues to be future-looking. We’ll address these to ensure we’re always making progress towards our overall vision to stop child abuse and neglect.

Our strategy has teamwork at its heart. Everyone has a role to play and we want many more people to play a part in protecting children.

“We need great people who share our passion and our commitment, who can take that message and take that influence and ensure that the NSPCC doesn't just do great things itself, but we also enable, and we influence way beyond what we can achieve.”

Sir Peter Wanless, CEO NSPCC

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