About us

Our strategy

About us

Our strategy

Through the collective power of our people, supporters and partners - and our 100 years of experience - we will move closer to achieving our goal of stopping child abuse and neglect.

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Our impact goals

We helped to make more than five million children safer from abuse over the course of our last five-year strategy. From 2021 to 2031, we’ll focus on three impact goals we believe will make the biggest difference to children’s lives:

  • Everyone plays their part to prevent child abuse.
    We’ll work together to make it easier for everyone to play their part and create a social safety net that prevents child abuse and neglect.
  • Every child is safe online.
    Together, we’ll transform the online world, so it’s safe for every child to go online.
  • Children feel safe, listened to and are supported.
    More children will be able to speak out, so they feel safe, listened to and understood - and abuse doesn’t shape their future.
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Our ten-year strategy

Find out more about our strategy from 2021 – 2031. Download our strategy.

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Building a bigger team

We can’t stop child abuse alone. Everyone has a part to play in keeping children safe. By building a bigger team, we can give more children the safety and support they need.

Join us and together, we can change children’s lives.

“We need great people who share our passion and our commitment, who can take that message and take that influence and ensure that the NSPCC doesn't just do great things itself, but we also enable, and we influence way beyond what we can achieve.”

Sir Peter Wanless, CEO NSPCC

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