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My NSPCC story

When I first heard about the job opening at the NSPCC, I was both excited and nervous. I knew I had the skills and experience needed for the role, but I also have mobility issues and live quite far from the nearest office. However, the support I received from the NSPCC during the application process was incredible. They offered me the option of remote, hybrid, or home working, which was a huge relief for me as a mother of two young children and a carer. This flexibility has allowed me to drop off my daughter at school and even take her out for breakfast sometimes, while also being home when my son's school bus arrives.

Since starting my role at the NSPCC six months ago, I have found it to be both interesting and challenging. I have had the opportunity to lead the team that developed our strategy to keep children safe online, which has been incredibly fulfilling. I am also the planning lead for the strategy and knowledge director, which has given me the opportunity to work with all teams across the organisation and every director. It's amazing to see the breadth of work that we do, with a focus on preventing child abuse and keeping children safe.

“I was offered remote, hybrid, or home working, and it's worked really well because I have two young children and I'm also a carer, and they're so flexible that I'm able to drop my daughter to school, sometimes take her for breakfast in the morning, and also be at home when my son's school bus comes.”

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Joanie Donaldson

Head of Impact
(Strategy and Knowledge)

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